From per GB traffic packages to fixed price open pipes, we offer fast, flexible and reliable premium grade Internet solutions that fit your unique business needs.

Flexible internet solutions with planned cost

From per GB traffic packages to fixed price open pipes, we offer top-of-the-line business grade Internet solutions that are flexible and infinitely scalable. With prepaid packages that range from 10GB to 2TB+ and unlimited open pipes from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, we have a host of options to fit your budget and usage needs.

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Business Internet

Enjoy a fast and highly reliable connection with GCOMM’s Internet service that’s designed for today’s business. With a number of traffic packages to choose from, you can be sure we’ll match you with the one that best suits your business’ budget and usage needs. Read more

Business Internet for private IP networks

Experience a fast, secure and highly redundant connection with GCOMM’s business Internet designed for private IP networks. Through our private IP network, you’ll gain access to multiple upstream providers via a single, secure gateway enabling your business to connect with confidence. Read more

Business Internet for servers in data centres

Get the reliability and speed you need for your organisation with GCOMM’s Internet access that’s provisioned on a 100Mb or 1 GB Ethernet port from one of our 11 national data centres. With our multiple Internet gateways, you can be sure you’ll get the speed you pay for, all of the time. Read more

Round-the-clock monitoring

Rest assured that you and your staff will receive skilled, reliable and prompt technical support whenever you need it. Our network is managed and monitored by a team of trained and highly experienced IT specialists, ensuring that you get the reliability, security and speed that your organisation needs.

Our advantage

Nationwide MPLS network

Our aggregated nationwide MPLS network lets you connect your multiple business locations while reducing costs and increasing network efficiency.

IP address range

Single or large Static IP address ranges for business requirements such as Mail servers, VOIP and remote VPN access.

Carrier grade access

Carrier grade access though fibre, Ethernet and wireless with infinitely scalable bandwidth options, from 10Mbps to 1Gpbs.

Single point monitoring

All malicious activity, remote user access and business wide Internet content monitored from a single point.

Wide range of connectivity options


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About GCOMM Pty. Ltd.

Established in 1996, GCOMM is one of Australia’s leading IT companies, with a proven track record of outstanding service and long term customer relationships. Specialising in the delivery of managed, enterprise grade IT services to medium and large sized businesses with multiple office locations, GCOMM is a multi-award winning technology company headquartered in Queensland, Australia.

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If your business is experiencing growth, or you need to manage costs during quiet times, we can tailor a high speed broadband plan that perfectly suits your business needs.

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