Keep your business running smoothly with our customisable, fully managed, enterprise grade network security suite which includes firewall, spam and anti-virus protection for your network.

Firewall as a service

Keep your network secure from the threats of email SPAM, viruses and malware attacks with our fully customisable firewall solution. You can outsource your network security to our team of experts who will manage configuration, maintenance and performance of the firewall, or simply let us provide your IT staff with the tools they need to manage network security in-house.

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Email protection

Stop spam from slipping into your inbox. Our email filtering service filters your company’s email, checking it for SPAM illegitimate or infected content and preventing it from being delivered. Highly accurate and redundant, our email protection solution will help to reduce potential downtime and increase your business’ productivity.

Anti-virus as a service

Safeguard your business’ computers, data and critical applications from the threats of viruses, spyware, worms and other malicious programs. Our cloud anti-virus service includes automatic updates to the latest virus definitions, giving you peace of mind that your valuable data is safe from unauthorised intrusions at all times.

The GCOMM difference

Integrated solution

All-in-one managed services that connect with your network email filtering, content filtering, activity logging and firewall to secure your business with our premium network security solution.

Centralised internet gateway

A single point of entrance ensures that all Internet traffic passing though is subject to the same level of security measures.

Secure remote access

Your employees can securely access the resources they need while your business is protected from unauthorized access and Internet threats.

Content filtering

Our email and web content filtering keeps your network safe from internal and external threats, ultimately minimising disruptions to your business.

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Established in 1996, GCOMM is one of Australia’s leading IT companies, with a proven track record of outstanding service and long term customer relationships. Specialising in the delivery of managed, enterprise grade network security IT services to medium and large sized businesses with multiple office locations, GCOMM is a multi-award winning technology company headquartered in Queensland, Australia.

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